Sounds for Japan

Hamon Radio is an amazing internet radio station based in Tokyo. Over the last year or so I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to their mix archive with a few selections, joining a wide gang of folks from across the world who have done the same. Check their site below and Mixcloud page for more. Some really great stuff in there from people I am honoured to be among.

My most recent mix link is below.


Black Booby – Natural Patty;

John Cravache – Paris Roswell;

Hardy Kukuk – freindschaft;

Miko – I’m Garten;

Barthel, Brohm, Bauer – through desert plains;

Discodor – The flange; Basso – Breaking Bread;

Stabil Elite – Agent Orange; Darling – When she hates me;

Mystic Jungle – Jurakan;

Parbleu – Pas De Saints Au Paradis;

My Guinea – Je Vulesse;

Torch Song – Prepare to Energize;

Discotheque – Disco Special;

Oto Gelb – Love Comet;

Wildlife – Disco Fever;

Cynthia ‘Cookie’ Abrams – Best Part of Me;

Coldfeet- Shamefaced (Francois K Club Mix);

Dirty Jesus – Don’t Fuck with my Shit;



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