2022 – Another year done

I guess the first thing to say about 2022, is where did it go? This blog, or lack thereof, is testament to a year in fast forward. Family duties, house renovations, ‘real’ work and other assorted distractions meaning this project was very much on the back burner. That said, I did manage to pull together…

2021 The Awards

Here we go my end of year run down best of list to round off this slightly less odd than 2020 but still a bit rubbish and strange of years. DJ (Radio) – Ross Allen First heard Ross sitting in for Gilles way back in the Radio 1 days and he’s just kept doing his…

2021 a year in music

Not quite as wtf as 2020 but still an unusual one, then again aren’t they all, or should be! That’s proper living right? Events did happen. Gigs did happen. Social life did happen. I even made it to a few. Homobloc, Green Man, Repurcussion, Chip Wickham and Joe Culpepper all highlights. The DJ thing didn’t…

Two years on..

It’s just under 2 year since I stopped playing at Nook…41 years to get a paying gig and then there’s a pandemic. Anyway as a reminiscent journey here’s a flavour of what I used to play (and will again). Enjoy!

Goodbye Summer

It’s hot! So maybe it’s not over yet but rain is due and we’re almost at half way through September. I’ve been sitting on the thoughts for this one for a bit. But summer ‘got in the way’ not in a negative sense just busy. So the intention was to get this done for the…

200 down and still kicking

Landmarks can be pretty arbitrary things sometimes. 500 this, 75 that, but I recently hit the quite ridiculous heights of 199 mixes for the Mixcloud account. Now, while I am not comparing this with anything that really is world changing, it did make me think that for the 200 I should make a bit more…

Take the Train

I’m coming up on 200 mixes on Mixcloud and have been married to my good lady wife for 11 years one of those milestones is obviously way more significant than the other… As a treat took a train

May Day May Day

So it’s now May. Not sure how that happened really. Year seems to be flying by. Got my vaccination last week. Feels like a step in the right direction. Mass events maybe on their way back. Test events with 3000 folks unmasked…just keeping the fingers crossed for no more obscure strains that will derail things….

Sounds for Japan

Hamon Radio is an amazing internet radio station based in Tokyo. Over the last year or so I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to their mix archive with a few selections, joining a wide gang of folks from across the world who have done the same. Check their site below and Mixcloud page for more….

Spirits Up Above

This year has been tough, many many people have lost someone close to them. And yet for many others this sickness has still felt very distant. A dream almost. Life has gone on… The restrictions on every day life have become conditioned now so as we are allowed to do more the freedom feels strange…