Liquid February

First new mix of ‘21 comes in with the underlying feeling that not a whole much has really changed since 2020. Still in ‘lockdown’ insomuch as all the good shops are shut and any likelihood of going for a pint is still a distant prospect.

But it’s what, mid Feb? UK weather is as changeable as ever, cold, wet but some sunshine pulling through so maybe it’s not all bad. Despite saying I’d try and reign back on the vinyl it didn’t really happen this month some great releases and a few below from the vaults that seemed to fit at the time. Not promising this for every one (closing in on 200 now btw) but this was fun and hope it adds something to the listening experience so let’s see eh? As ever glad to have you along for the ride, enjoy!

Track list ⬇️

Vibration Black Finger – Empty Streets

Latest Jazzman comp(s) take a left turn for the modern end of jazz after serious mining of the vaults of Prestige and co. Some real gems and very deep music to kick things off.

HMD – If I

Brownswood are one of those you kind of take for granted. GP’s label is so varied in its output these comps are rarely anything but a treasure trove of underground beauties. A lot of slower numbers but with a deep soulful theme.

Young Disciples – Funky yeh funki (Mek it)

Speaking of British soul talent (with a helping US hand) Young Disciples crossed my path during some casual browsing the other day. The hits are still huge, Carleen’s voice immaculate but some of the beats are so great you need to listen in.

Kelly Lee Owens – Re-wild

Piccadilly is my local, shopped there for 20+ years which is a bit scary. Latest incarnation being the Saturday PM door step pick up cycle ride combo. I love browsing but time isn’t always on my side these days so C&C is a godsend. Their annual round up comp has become a bit of a standard pick up in this house and 2020’s vintage is no different. Real nice mix of stuff I’d otherwise miss. KLO being one. Glacial beats with a touching vocal edge. Organic yet with a machine soul.

Siglo XX – Moving Creatures

Cherrystones knows his onions. The last volume of this was so great. I was going through a Simon Reynolds inspired post punk phase and this took it up a few notches. Obscure, oblique, noisy, sometimes difficult but always interesting and occasionally funky. Worth the entry fee. This Siglo XX tune is more the ultra vox end of things but so good for it.

Matty – Selfportrait

Mr Bongo have given me a lot of joy over the years. Was lucky enough to be in London when the original shop was around so have seen them grow. Some amazing comps over the years probably up there with Souljazz and Strut amongst others. The latest Record Club, number 4, has a bit more of a modern spin over the previous few and is none the worse for it. This Matty tune a good example but totally in tune with their vibe.

Basso – Do Stay for Breakfast

Another Piccadilly staple Patch Ryder also knows what he’s talking about. Building on the triple Talking Drums releases of the last few years he’s roped in Basso for some edit/production involvement on this offshoot. Funky euro soft rock that sounds way better than that description.

Farsta Kalle & Samo DJ – Tranam Rumba

You need a random punt from time to time and I know ‘of’ Samo DJ but not much else besides a Berlin connection (maybe/maybe not!) and some decent mix CDs. This is Afro editing of the highest order a lot of fun and took the edge off a wet Sunday. Praise indeed!

Thatmanmonkz – track 4

Jazzy, funky, horn laden loops driving drums. Some edits are still decent and just work.

Muchos Plus – Nassau’s Discos (Long Version)

Have to say I’ve not dabbled too much in the Kalita stuff. Not through any particular aversion just other bits about at the time that grabbed me more. Saying that who doesn’t love a cover of Funky Nassau. You got me.

The Pearls – Groovy Beat (Jura Soundsystem Edit)

Jura have been one of my labels of the last few years, with OTC and Rhythm Section they get ‘it’ the artwork just fits with the music and the whole aesthetic is absolutely on the money. Basically you can buy on sight and not be disappointed. Saying that this one was a very gratefully received lockdown surprise from a good friend of mine. Bringing some much needed sunshine my way. Cheers Matey.

Semi Skimmed Edits – Jungle Music

Again, another Piccadilly punt. Not much info to share beyond the love. Pure disco edit pleasure. Guilty? I am so.

Dazzle – You Dazzle Me!!!

Edits get a bad press and fairly so in some cases, but I am a sucker for the originals too and this was picked up on a decent sounding reish pre-Xmas. So many great tracks but most will know this one. Norman used to rinse the sampled Los Jugaderos tune it steals on his Sunday shows on Radio London for those with long memories. Leroy Burgess production at its best.

Soul II Soul – Back to Life (Zepherin Saint Club Edit)

Picking up the UK soul thread from YD earlier this came out last year bought in the faint hope of a new year shuffle to play it at. Serious optimism. It’s very hard to improve on the originals, Soul II Soul are one of our best, no question. In fact I’m not about to say it does, but what this tune does do is give something you’ve heard a million times a fresh angle. The wife asked what it was, a true sign of quality.

Soundboy – Soulboy ( IZCO Remix)

It’s so easy to get caught in the disco-balearic-edits loop of doom. Well maybe for me anyway, so keeping an ear out elsewhere is something I need to do more. Hard to pigeon hole this one, could be hip hop but isn’t really, this track is proper stepping and sits in a mini album full of great tracks. Deep Moody-esque house, hip hop…very listenable and worth checking out.

Dan Kye – Moving

One of my albums of 2020 and still going strong in this house. Following a tradition of Phlash (RIP), Recloose and even Mr Fingers of essentially dance albums with instrumental and vocal tracks that hang together as more than a series of tunes (er, an album!) this is great stuff. Tinges of broken beat, house and RnB on the ever good Rhythm Section, definitely worth your well earned.

Tiago – The Source (Mudd’s Slow Rave Mix)

The ever brilliant Leng Records (the clubbier side of Paul Murphy’s Claremont world?) sneaked out their 10th anniversary set at the tail end of last year with a really solid selection of fourth gear chuggers with the added bonus of a 10″ vinyl bonus. So many good tracks to choose from the Tiago one seemed to fit with where this selection was going.

Soundspecies – Balafon Jam (Wolf Muller Deep Dub Remix)

Upcoming is the Themes from Great Cities retrospective and that got me reminiscing about some of the great music that’s come from that scene and crossed over with some serious collaboration efforts into the Amsterdam scene. Wolf Muller and Young Marco have got to be some of the most forward looking and out there DJs/Producers around so a bit of a meeting of minds here to bring things in.

Darling Isle of Red

Following the WM on Safe Trip, what could you want? More Safe Trip of course, another label to rely on. This Darling 12 is from a while back but felt the need to add it to the vaults and give it a rinse here. Hypnotic, trancey, bleepy and organic, doesn’t really go anywhere but takes you somewhere.

Shape of Space – Manifesto

Part 2 of the lockdown gift bundle, no idea on this one either track and a version with a nice intro and beefy mid pace beat with plenty of effects to keep it interesting over the top. Thanks again matey.

Mozaika – Taba Taba

Rounding off the up section this one came from the vaults. Real variety of electronic head and foot music on this one but this track just seemed to round things off nicely.

Lord Power & The Trenton Spence Quartet – Let’s Do It

So, I’m fairly certain I saw some sunshine this week. 90% anyway. And in its honour we round this selection off with a slice of Mento. Overshadowed by some of Jamaica’s more obvious musical exports it really is a lovely music. After a discussion over the relative merits of the CD I came across an old car favourite. So many great tracks, but this one just worked. Enjoy!

So this was fun. Hope the chat and pics add a bit more to the music, more of the same next time if I have the time. Link to mix above so check it on Mixcloud. Thanks px

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